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Eternal Summer

Handmade Woven Beach Hat

Handmade Woven Beach Hat

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Introducing the handmade sun hat that's perfect for any occasion! This hat is not just very beautiful, but it's also incredibly versatile. Fold it any way you like, it won't lose its shape!

Crafted with care, this sun hat is made by hand using grass scorpion. It's turned into a hat that's not only thicker but also more flexible. This means you can wear it on the go and fold it up tight to take anywhere with you. And if it gets squished in transit, don't worry- it's easy to restore all on its own!

Made using 100% polyester fiber, this sun hat is lightweight, breathable and comfortable. The perfect accessory for a sunny day out. And with a cap size of 22 inches, it'll fit perfectly on most head sizes.

So why wait? Add the handmade sun hat in the shade to your collection today!


Material: 100% polyester fiber
Color: color
Cap size: 22 inches

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